Experts channel - A dedicated mobile content channel

What is the need?

In the very crowded market of digital content sources, it is very often hard to find the exact information that medical experts are looking for.
Usually, they will need to search through newsletters, publications, websites, and other sources in order to find what they are looking for.
The need for a focused, up-to-date, relevant, and easy to get to is imperative.

Our solution:
We have created a new dedicated content channel via mobile, in order to promote new content that is specifically tailored for medical experts in their field. We created a process to enroll HCP's to the channel, which will enable you to publish articles under sponsorship of your company, or taking full sponsorship of the channel for a limited time

  • Expert channel enrolment is under the responsibility of b-online.

  • Content of channel is written by a team of medical staff.

  • Sponsorship is available for sections or the whole channel - limited time.

  • The Tool

    • Mobile web based application
    • Accessed by a link
    • Attractive, short and relevant headlines
    • Contains all of the relevant links

    • No need for a company database of HCP's
    • HCP's consent for enrollment is given to b-online
    • Dashboard – statistics and analytics

    For feedback campaign and working procedure, please call us:

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    Ofer: +972-54-775-2808

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