Multi-channel marketing system

What is the need?

In order to perform an effective multi-channel marketing strategy, we need to control all communication to our customers via different channels such as: e-mail marketing, SMS, cellular, landing pages, etc. We also need to ensure tracking of responses through all the different channels, such as open rate, click through rate, bounce rate and be able to differentiate between the responsiveness of each channel.

Our solution:
We operate the Smoove marketing automation system in order to execute multi-channel marketing strategy properly.
We work with your team to plan and develop plans and call for action activities. We build business processes that include touch points with customers in a variety of channels.

  • Pre-designed decision tree based on response triggers.

  • Each trigger activates a different response by the system.

  • The channels used are: e-Mails, SMS, telephone, FTF. Landing pages , websites.

  • The Tool

    • Planning the marketing automation processes
    • Database load up and security controls
    • Marketing path plan for each channel
    • Content design and upload for each channel

    • eMail, Newsletter, SMS designs
    • Landing pages creation
    • eForms creation
    • Dashboard – statistics and analytics

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