SMS Mobile feedback from HCP's

What is the need?

Hearing the voice of the customer in order to understand the perception of the HCP's, about any of our activities with them.
In a digital world, it is important to be in touch with the customers, and to maintain the engagement at any touch point possible.
Our customers expect us to use the most simple and easy tools to communicate with us and this tool is exactly that!

Our solution:
A simple SMS with a link to HCP's, which leads them to a feedback
platform where they can give feedback, leave comments,
vote or rate on medical and on going issues,
following any activity that was conducted with them.

  • Get and instant feedback from selected HCP's.

  • Generate short and focused message communication.

  • Easy immediate and cost effective way of engaging you customer.

  • The Tool

    Fast Setup for any campaign creation

    • Cross-platform capabilities (web and mobile).
    • Multiple pre-built design you can choose from, with your branding.
    • no need for customer download application.
    • Completely customizable and modular to both customers and end-users.

    Statistics and analytics

    • Customer-tailored questionnaires.
    • Mobile surveys designed to collect important data about your customers.
    • Segment-based feedback analysis.
    • Recognize and evaluate your customers, with customized surveys and polls.

    For feedback campaign and working procedure, please call us:

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    Ofer: +972-54-775-2808

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