Visual Guides

What is the need?

If you need to improve product or medical device usage among HCP's and patients, and you don't have the right platform. We have it!
If you need to train medical staff or patients on what are the main obstacles in using the device or product correctly, we have it!
If you need to quickly get in touch and provide customer support and guidelines, we have it!

Our solution:
In partnership with Makeree, we provide you with a complete visual guide that drastically improve product usage and understanding among HCP's and patients. The Digital user guide are ideal for pharmaceutical products or medical devices that require strict adherence to and compliance with a set of steps or guidelines, while also offering content customized to the situation and preferences of each individual user

The Tool

  • Digital, interactive instructions, customized to each individual user's situation
  • Better treatment results, lower service burden
  • Fewer customer support requests
  • Product/device issues, can be photographed on the users mobile phone, an image can be added to the inquiry, enabling you to more effectively deal with the issue

  • Multi-lingual options
  • Dynamic content management systems
  • A training / questionnaire feature can ensure that end users have understood key information about the product and their treatment.
  • Dashboard – statistics and analytics

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