Smart, Interactive Digital Solutions

What is the need?

What is one of the most frustrating aspects to visiting a medical professional? The wait! How many times have your patients sat in the office waiting, with nothing to do, leaving them disgruntled and irritated?

Our solution:
With a kiosk set up, you can have a faster, more comprehensive check-in, display digital informative messages,
such as informing patients about new services the practice has to offer, digital posters detailing common/seasonal
illnesses and ways to combat them, a list of doctor referrals, interactive touch screen games for the children,
and even wait times so your patients aren’t left clueless

The Tool

  • Branded informational display ads
  • In-Network announcement system
  • Department welcome screen
  • Patient alert and announcement system

  • Local News & Weather updates
  • Live Tele Customer system Powered by AnswerNet
  • Managed completely remotely via the Popshap CMS

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